Programme Office Specialists
Established 08/11/1985

Jul 2004 to Jan 2005
Scottish Power PLC.. 1

May 2000 to Nov 2000
Northern Electric Supply Ltd (NESL). 1

Jan 2000 to Apr 2000
Scottish & Southern Energy Ltd.2

Feb 1999 to Jun 1999
Scottish Power Ltd.. 2




Jul 2004 to Jan 2005 Scottish Power PLC

RESPONSIBILITIES:      Programme Office Specialist for the Programme Office Set Up Project for the ITBS Infrastructure Division

The Programme Office Set-Up project is being undertaken in line with the planned major capital investment programme within ITBS Infrastructure Division to establish best practice control processes to enable management to deliver projects successfully to time, budget and scope targets.

As the Project Manager I am responsible for setting up a programme office within a six month time frame. This involves the introduction of procedures and standards to ensure best practice, provision of time saving tools and the training of staff in their implementation. These activities have to be performed in parallel with existing practices until procedures and standards are fully introduced and seen to be functioning.

May 2000 to Nov 2000 Northern Electric Supply Ltd

RESPONSIBILITIES:      Programme Office Manager and Programme Planner for the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA) programme.

Reporting to the Programme Manager to provide planning and management services to the NESL NETA Project Managers concerned with setting the systems etc in place to allow NESL to be part of the new electricity market trading arrangements.

Set up 'from scratch' and managed the Programme Support Office for the NETA programme including the Planning, Issues, Risks, Change, Cost and Document Control procedures and methods all within a Prince II environment.

Co-ordination of office asset management, desk top services, hardware, software, telecoms and office supplies.

Described the programme and project planning standards, set up the tools and provided the instruction for the Project Managers in their use to ensure consistency of planning approach and reporting across the programme.

Jan 2000 to Apr 2000 Scottish & Southern Energy Ltd

RESPONSIBILITIES:      Project Planner for the Customer Systems Integration Project 'Cut Over'.

To provide planning services to the CSIP Cut Over Project Managers concerned with the integration of the Customer Systems of Scottish Hydro-Electric plc and Southern Electric plc, performing a co-ordination role in the lead up to Cut Over during weekend of 21/04/00 and 24/04/00 inclusive.

Consolidated plan comprising up to 36 Projects.

Feb 1999 to Jun 1999 Scottish Power Ltd

RESPONSIBILITIES:      Programme Office Planner  for 'Energy Supply Change Programme'.

To determine and apply standards to all Projects (up to 28) within the Change Programme which allowed consolidation of all projects into the Programme Plan thereby giving Project and Programme level managers the means for effective control of their work scopes. 

Also to provide 'expert' help to Project Managers and their Planners in the use of the approved planning tool 'Microsoft Project 98'.


Scottish Power had acquired MANWEB and was involved with migrating the existing Scottish Power and MANWEB customer data to a more sophisticated software package. This new software package would eventually carry all existing customer data (meter reading, billing etc), allow call centre operation to accommodate new customer acquisition and resolve new and existing customer queries; and also allow the control and monitoring of the new business of Gas Supply and Dual fuel supply.  There was also a requirement to perform all actions required to alleviate any potential Y2K problems within hardware, firmware and software.

All this meant that at any one time a significant number of projects were either starting, 'in progress', closing down or 'on hold' therefore a solid control of each project was essential for the overall Programme to be controlled and achievable.

Prior to leaving Scottish Power I successfully defined and implemented the required standards that each project would be required to follow to achieve the above. This involved close liaison with each Project Manager and his/her Project Planner. On a weekly basis I would consolidate all Projects Plans (after comparison with written weekly reports) into the Programme Plan which would then be filed electronically into a common area for all projects personnel to review.

The Programme Office Manager and myself would also review the Programme Plan to ensure not only that all established protocols had been followed but also any potential problems were identified both to the Project Manager(s) and the Programme and Business Managers.

I worked as Programme Planner within a Programme Office team that consisted of an Office Manager, a Financial Controller, a Change Control Manager and a Manpower/Resource Manager.

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